Hi, everyone!

Here’s my tour schedule for the next few months.

Please note: I’ll be using the engine to jump between worlds, and all those shifts in gravity and atmosphere will take their toll, so please forgive me if I don’t return your email as quickly as usual…

Book Signing: New York TBA

Book Signing: Paris TBA

Book Signing: Madrid TBA

Book Signing: Planet Flora TBA

Book Signing: Los Angeles TBA

Book Signing: Planet Galleon TBA

Book Signing: New Mars City TBA

Uh, yeah, maybe we’ll just stay close to home for a while, given our meager marketing budget, LOL!

So, here’s the REAL schedule of online and local stuff, LOL:

June 16th: Interview with SFFWorld.com
June 28th: Ask Me Anything at Reddit.com (subreddit science fiction)
July 12th: Ask Me Anything at Reddit.com (subreddit books)
July 17th: Book Signing Zoo Health Club, Oviedo, FL (where I teach cycle class!) This will be my first big signing for Doc Harrison.
July 18th: Book Sponsor at Orlando Time Trail Bike Race, Orlando Airport
August TBA: upcoming interview/book review at thegeekiverse.com
September: Author interview in Oviedo/Winter Springs Life Magazine
Stay tuned for announcements for upcoming contests for gift cards and signed copies of Doc Harrison and the Apocalypse!

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