I’m pleased to announce that friend Emmy Award winning screenwriter Brooks Wachtel has published his first illustrated novel Lady Sherlock: Circle of the Smiling DeadBrooks and I both worked on the animated television show The Legend of Prince Valiant, where he wrote some of the most engaging episodes and went on to write hundreds of television scripts! It’s my distinct honor to share his work with you at a time when there is great interest in multidimensional heroines who lead from the front, kick ass, and still retain their childlike wonder.

Read this clever and engaging summary from Amazon:

LADY NATASHA (TASHA) DORRINGTON, an emancipated and brilliant detective in 1906 London, is drawn into a deadly mystery involving an ancient pagan curse and a diabolical scheme to plunge Europe into a devastating war.

An Admiralty courier is murdered, and plans for the Dreadnought — a new battleship that will upset the balance of naval power — are stolen. All evidence implicates Great Britain’s international rival: Germany. Tasha is summoned to help solve the crime. She is thus observed by DEIRDRE, the Priestess of a malevolent cult intent on exacting vengeance on Western Civilization for the long-ago decimation of her religious sect. Cleverly leveraging the greed of giant armaments firms in England and Germany, Deirdre plans to frame Germany in an attack on the Dreadnought. In her arrogance, Deirdre decides to simultaneously engage Tasha in a contest of wits.

The story moves from fog-bound London to a desolate island off the coast of Scotland. Deirdre manipulates Tasha’s overconfidence, crafting a mystery to lure her into a labyrinth of false leads, lethal traps, and an unexpected romance. As Tasha pieces together the puzzle, Deirdre plays her top card and strikes at Tasha’s vulnerable heart by kidnapping her young daughter–left defenseless in her Mother’s occupational absence.

It is an epic struggle between two formidable women: one madly intent on enslavement and revenge, the other fighting for a free and rational humanity–as well as the precious life of her only daughter.

Wow, sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Here’s a link to the Lady Sherlock Blog for more!

And check out this great interview with Brooks on Youtube!

I highly recommend you get a copy of this captivating new novel. It’s funny, clever, and breathtaking!


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