Suzy is a voracious reader and accomplished teacher who’s worked with students of all ages. She read one of my other military thrillers novels, and I knew she’d provide a unique perspective for this series. She posed great questions, and her insights became extremely valuable! I’m fortunate that she’s been willing to help and has joined the quest!

How did you become a reader and collaborator on the Doc Harrison books?

I have been an avid reader from a very young age and really enjoy books that take me on an adventure. Peter and I got to talking about books one day, and he asked if I would be interested in taking a peek at his new adventure series. I love a good mind travel, so I readily agreed to the task.

Have you ever done this before? What was it like?

I can’t say that I have critiqued books in this fashion. I love a good adventure, love science and technology, and hope that I have enough expertise to meld the two things together. About the only professional writing that I have done is on the Virginia State Standards of Learning for Earth Science, science curriculum writing, lesson plans and some educational grants that I have received. While writing is not my strong suit, spotting a good story that would appeal to teenagers comes fairly naturally. Teenagers are looking for a fast paced story, with action and adventure that can transport them from their daily school lives. This story can do that for them.

What draws you to these stories and characters?

The pace of the story keeps the readers interested and to continue to turn the page. Books that don’t catch your eye within the first thirty pages or so tend to get left on the nightstand. The first book moved quickly with both character development and story line. I really like the back story that is developing about what has occurred in the new world that Doc enters. I want to know more about the history of planet Flora and can’t wait to see how that history affects the characters.

Who are you favorite characters and why?

Julie, I can tell that the story is strong with her, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Fiction really needs strong women characters, and she supplies that and more. Mama Grren, too, just because strong women characters don’t always have to be in human form.


Originally from New York, Suzy is a Navy brat who has moved a total of 24 times. She met her husband, Charlie, in high school, followed him to college and then through 27 years of marriage and counting. She has two children, Haley and Kirsten and currently resides in Florida. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Biology and received her master’s degree in Geoscience from Mississippi State University. A 17 year veteran teacher, she currently teaches in the Engineering Institute at Lyman High School. She has worked with all ages during her 17 years in education, which gives a unique perspective of the mind of a teenager.