Aja is an extremely accomplished writer and editor. She really poured over my pages, offering some wonderful insights and advice. I’m truly fortunate to have had her as my student, and I take full credit for all her success! When she left me, she was but the learner… now she is the master!

How did you become a reader and collaborator on the books?

Originally, I was a student in Peter’s Fiction Writing class at university. I loved his class and I learned so much in it and after that I did my best to snag any other class I needed that he was teaching. Once I graduated I kept in contact via Goodreads where I was asked to be a reader and collaborator because of my “keen eye and telling reviews!”

What draws you to these stories and characters?

It’s incredibly hard to find a refined way of saying “I am a gigantic nerd” but here goes. I have always loved fiction and fantasy. It’s just so much fun to picture the impossible to put yourself in a setting that’s new, whether it’s a medieval castle or an alien planet.

Who are your favorite characters and why?

Hollis! Hands down my favorite character. He’s so witty and engaging that it’s hard to not be drawn to him as a character. All of his interactions are just so genuine and honest; he seems like a pretty good guy to have on your side, especially when you’re in a tough spot! I loved him!

My other favorites? I think I’m torn between Keane and Tommy. I loved seeing Keane’s character develop throughout the story and there were so many times that he had me laughing out loud while I was reading. And Tommy’s relationship with Doc was so unbelievably well written that’s it hard not to love him as much as Doc does.

“A well written fantasy is an amazing escape that can become a home away from home.”

Do you think reading and critiquing other writers’ work helps you become a better writer?

Absolutely! With writing it can be very hard to look at your own work objectively. It’s something you’ve slaved over and poured your blood, sweat, and tears into, how can it not be perfect!? Having a trusted reader really helps you see your own weaknesses and understand where you need to grow as a writer and what parts of your story need a little more fleshing out.

Every writer brings something new to the table and the more you read the more you learn! For me, a big project like a novel or a trilogy is a daunting project. It’s hard to even sit down and start writing sometimes. Being a reader and getting to collaborate and see the progress of this series really helped me. It showed me the first step is really just to sit down and write! Don’t sweat the small stuff and fuss over the details because there will plenty of time to fix it later!


I am currently working as a Technical Writer for a small company and love it! I split my free time between working on my own writing, reading, and playing video games. On the weekends I always play tabletop games with my friends and I also write book reviews on Goodreads under the name Aja: The Narcoleptic Ninja.