I’ve known Jackie for many years now, and she’s been a great friend and supporter of my work. She has very keen eyes when it comes to storytelling and proofreading. I was thrilled that she was willing to give this series a read and offer her valuable contributions!

How did you become a reader and collaborator on the Doc Harrison books?

I have proofread for Peter for a few years, starting with his work on the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series. Thankfully, it grew from there. As a fan, who wouldn’t want to proofread (re: read the book before everyone else!) for a NYT best-selling author?

What draws you to these stories and characters?

The young man against the world, and his father, is a classic story premise. To read different takes on it is always interesting. A few examples are Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Bruce Wayne and his obsession with his deceased father, Thomas Wayne, Kal El and Jor El and even Indiana and Harry Jones. This particular struggle has crossed mediums and gone on for years.

Some of the alien characters are also really interesting. Peter does a great job of describing them. I’m hoping to see a drawing of a grren soon!

Who are your favorite characters and why?

I have found I can relate to Julie very well. What young woman doesn’t know what it’s like to always have that guy always underfoot? But she is still a good person with a kind heart who doesn’t brush him off, never gives up on him and, in her case, had that kindness returned when that same young man risked his life to save hers.

“I’ve enjoyed these books and was very happy to provide some insight.”

Do you think reading and critiquing other writers’ work helps you become a better writer?

Yes. I’ve worked as an administrative assistant, and after you’ve read something a few times, your brain will process what it should see, and not what is there. Someone to assist with that, in and of itself, is invaluable. But the point of view of someone who is more infiltrated into the world you are writing about is also helpful. For example, my assistance with the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell books and input as a gamer in certain aspects of the Doc Harrison series. I have enjoyed these books and was very happy to provide some insight.


Untitled3Jackie Fiest was born in Columbus Ohio and now resides in El Paso, Texas. She has a BA in Communication with a specialization in Electronic Media from the University of Texas at El Paso and will be starting an MA this fall. She is a proud Xbox gamer with a 10 year tenure on Xbox Live. You can often find her playing the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series, the Dead Rising series and the Arkham series. Her gamer tag is “Jackie Fiest”. Also a computer geek, she currently holds three Dell certifications and is studying for her A+ certification.

Jackie has been involved with the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series by software developer Ubisoft for many years. She spent three years as a forum moderator, is currently thanked in two of the game’s credits and had a character named after her in the novel Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Fallout.

She is a staunch libertarian, even before it was cool, taking political lessons from the likes of Barry Hess, Glenn Jacobs, Gardner Goldsmith and Dr. Sharon Presley.

Jackie can be found on Twitter at @JackieFiest.