Beta Readers

Beta Reader Profile: Ms. Aja Jacobson

Aja is an extremely accomplished writer and editor. She really poured over my pages, offering some wonderful insights and advice. I’m truly fortunate to have had her as my student, and I take full credit for all her success! When… Continue Reading →

Beta Reader Profile: Ms. Carly Howard

Carly has a wonderful eye for visual details, and her questions and notes were a tremendous help toward making the Doc Harrison series even better. I was fortunate to steal away some of her valuable time for this project! How did… Continue Reading →

Beta Reader Profile: Mrs. Suzy L. Davis

Suzy is a voracious reader and accomplished teacher who’s worked with students of all ages. She read one of my other military thrillers novels, and I knew she’d provide a unique perspective for this series. She posed great questions, and her insights became extremely valuable!… Continue Reading →

Beta Reader Profile: Ms. Michelle Pruss

Michelle did a wonderful job working with me on these stories. She really allowed me to gauge reader expectations, and she asked lots of pointed questions about the story and characters. She’s an avid reader with a lot to say about… Continue Reading →

Beta Reader Profile: Ms. Jackie Fiest

I’ve known Jackie for many years now, and she’s been a great friend and supporter of my work. She has very keen eyes when it comes to storytelling and proofreading. I was thrilled that she was willing to give this series… Continue Reading →

Beta Reader Profile: Ms. Cristina Gonzalez

Cristina worked with me from the very beginning of the Doc Harrison series and has been an invaluable help and source of encouragement! Her contributions to the series are many, and she’s a wonderful writer herself who is generous with… Continue Reading →

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