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Doc Harrison Intergalactic Book Tour!

Hi, everyone! Here’s my tour schedule for the next few months. Please note: I’ll be using the engine to jump between worlds, and all those shifts in gravity and atmosphere will take their toll, so please forgive me if I don’t return… Continue Reading →

Cinema Spotlight: Wonder Woman

After watching Wonder Woman, I left the theatre overwhelmed and compelled to write about the experience, but who wants to read another movie review? Instead, let’s discuss the film from a writer’s perspective. We’ll illustrate how and why the story works for contemporary moviegoers–… Continue Reading →

Read My Interview in SFFWorld

I had the honor of being interviewed at SFFWorld, a fantastic source for all things science fiction and fantasy! It’s one of the oldest and most respected SF&F news sites, beginning operations in 1997. This was a great experience… and… Continue Reading →

Doc Harrison Needs Your Help!

Hi, everyone! It’s time to help Doc and his friends climb up the review charts. If you’ve downloaded a copy of the Kindle book and feel compelled to write a REVIEW AT AMAZON.COM, please don’t let me stop you! The review you write… Continue Reading →

Behind the Story: Origins of the “Wreath” and “Persona”

When I began brainstorming ideas for the Doc Harrison universe, I already knew that I wanted to explore issues of identity. The question what do you want to be when you grow up? really troubled me when I was a teen…. Continue Reading →

Great Blog for New Writers to Get Noticed!

BLOG SPOTLIGHT: SNOWFLAKES IN A BLIZZARD “Just walk through a Barnes & Noble or venture onto the Amazon book site these days, and you’ll realize that the floodgates have opened. The gatekeepers have been overrun. Given the current technology, virtually… Continue Reading →

Behind the Story of Doc Harrison

Many readers and writers are fascinated by the creative process and seek to understand how stories are created. For me, there’s no right or wrong way. Stories come from everywhere, and in the early stages, I like to explore every… Continue Reading →

A Super Fun Launch Day!

I had a really fun  launch day, making it into the top 100 on several lists at It was great to speak with so many friends and share the novel with them. I really love writing these books, and I hope to continue!… Continue Reading →

Purchase Doc Harrison and the Apocalypse now!

Here’s the link to grab your copy today! And PLEASE share this post! I really appreciate your support!

Doc Harrison available NOW on Kindle!

  JUST CLICK THE BOOK TO PURCHASE NOW! I’m counting on you, my launch team, to help boost our first day sales! Please share this post! Thanks so much!

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